California MBA Membership

Membership Benefits At A Glance

Marketing Power

Leverage the reach of the California MBA in the state’s mortgage lending community. From our member content-driven blog to conference and webinar speaking opportunities, you’ll have every chance to establish you and your team as subject matter experts and expand your brand awareness and strength.

Webinars and Committee Participation

Our many committees are open to all members, and the California MBA hosts a variety of insightful webinars each month, featuring industry experts sharing insights on topics ranging from marketing, legal, compliance, technology and more!


Join the largest and most powerful state lending community in the nation! Through our conferences and events, you’ll find many ways to build your network and discover exciting new business opportunities to grow and strengthen your company!


Leading advocate for real estate finance in California for decades, and will continue to play a leading role as our state is often the first to propose and debate solutions that, in many cases, become model legislation for many other states.

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Being a member means joining the team effort at the California MBA – working to solve problems to benefit mortgage lenders and their customers.
Brent Chandler
CEO, FormFree
It’s imperative for industry players to support the California MBA, and the networking access is crucial for both professional and personal development.
Brad Zampa
Simply put, the California MBA is our representation and our advocate in Sacramento, making sure policymakers are educated about the important role mortgage bankers play in our economy and housing market.
Josh Friend
CEO, Insellerate
If you’re a part of the industry, you’re missing out if you’re not a member of the California MBA. It is crucial to stay up-to-date on legislation and policy changes coming from Sacramento to best serve our clients.
Lori Brewer
I see the CMBA as the connective tissue between the lenders and solutions partners, providing them a platform to share ideas to help borrowers. I can’t imagine the industry succeeding without great partners like the California MBA.
Cathleen Schreiner Gates
President, SimpleNexus
We’ve always been proud to support the California MBA. Lenders need a voice in Sacramento, and the success in defeating dangerous legislation like AB 2501 is key to maintaining the health of our industry.
Terry Schmidt
President, Guild Mortgage Company
Legislation can have a major impact on our business, and the mortgage industry needs the advocacy and representation the California MBA provides in Sacramento. Without that advocacy, we would face dramatically negative changes to our ability to support our clients and customers.
Gary Bechtel
CEO, Red Oak Capital Holdings, LLC
The power of advocacy and representation was never more apparent than in 2020. Thanks to the work of the California MBA on issues like forbearance, access to affordable credit was protected for our state’s consumers.
Margaret Chiavini
Regional Vice President, Caliber Home Loans
Thank you to the California MBA for the phenomenal work done during the pandemic to support and defend mortgage bankers. I’m proud to be a member.
Rick Arvielo
Co-Founder & CEO, New American Funding